Gather your Friends for a Summer Adventure
What did summer mean to when you were a kid? Long days with no responsibilities, spending all day with friends and cousins, playing games and running around in the dirt.
This summer, we’re giving you an opportunity to do exactly that, but take it up a notch!
District Gravity is Hyderabad’s premier adventure sports park, which boasts of India’s tallest Rope Course, one of the country’s longest Ziplines and many other thrilling adventure activities that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping and your competitive spirit in full gear!
Here is a breakdown of some of the fun things you can do at District Gravity:
Multi-level Rope Course:
This is India’s tallest Rope Course, at a heart-stopping height of 50 feet! It is spread over 3 levels of difficulty, with 11 activities in each level, giving you a total of 33 thrilling experiences.
You can choose your difficulty level based on your age, physical condition or just on how much of a daredevil you’re willing to be!
Remember how you pretended to be Superman as a kid? Where you would zoom above the city feeling invincible? It’s time to feel that for real now! With a length of over 500 meters, we have one of India’s longest Ziplines, which gives you the same soaring feeling that a superhero must experience!
Multi-activity Tower:
How much fun can one tower be? A lot! The Multi-activity Tower at District Gravity is a true engineering marvel, consisting of 6 thrilling activities – Rappelling, Wall Climbing, Slithering, Para Jump, Multiple Climbing and Net Climbing. This is one challenge that separates the men from the boys.
Mud Run :
Remember how Mom would hate it when you came back home with muddy clothes and dirt in your hair? Why not bring her and the whole family along to try the Mud Run at District Gravity? It’s a fun-filled obstacle course, set in slushy mud, that’s best enjoyed in big groups.
Human Slingshot:
This unique activity is the ultimate thrill machine. The feeling of exhilaration will totally catch you by surprise as the mechanism pulls you back and then propels you horizontally over a distance of 14 feet!
Chicane Circuit:
We’ve all imagined ourselves zooming past curves in style and then standing on that podium with a trophy and a smile. We help recreate the professional racing experience with the 1.2 km international standard Chicane racing track, the first in India to be approved by the Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK).
Apart from these stand-out activities, we also have facilities for your favourite ball sports – Cricket, Football and Basketball. The Cricket infrastructure includes bowling machines and nets for you to hone your skills. Other activities include an inflatable park, with Bull Ride, Sumo Wrestling, Bungee Run, and Meltdown; Giant Swing, Archery & Rifle shooting.
We’ve curated all these sports into attractive packages, so you get to experience a bit of everything for a fixed price. For more details about the packages, visit:
So what are you waiting for? Bring the gang together and head on down to Hyderabad’s premier adventure park and make the most of summer!