Let’s Putt it out there!
Golf has become a trending sport around the world and has managed to garner a lot of attention from all age groups. With modern modifications, golf has developed from being a sport for the elite, to a fun and exciting game with family and friends. It is one of the few sports that does not require and specific criteria to participate and just about anyone can pick up a club and learn to play
Want to know why we think you should give it a try?
Excitement of the new :
Golf not being bound by any rules and regulations relating to age, is a fun activity for not only the youth, but the elders and the kids. Everyone enjoys the challenging sport and the thrill of scoring in a new sport always want you to keep trying to achieve that hole in one.
Healthy Challenge :
Golf is a sport where you are always in a competition with not only others, but to hit a shot better with each turn. Golf is a difficult sport to learn, but as the saying goes, Practice makes perfect.
The Health Factor :
Golf players tend to burn a lot of calories by walking around the field. Even with the advantage of golf carts, walking to the next shot gives you enough exercise to improve your overall health with a chance at a better lifestyle. Golf players require strong upper body strength with proper body balance and flexibility. Playing golf regularly will keep your body and mind active and fit and also helps to build mental power and physical strength with minimal effort.
Attention Anchor :
Golf teaches you two key ingredients to life, focus and concentration. It helps you keep your mind focused on your main objective with a straight- forward attitude. Derive your determination through this simple sport to learn to be a safer player than an aggressive one.
The Golf Connect :
In a game of golf, all players are trying to achieve the same goal, which helps them connect with each other by sharing their personal tips and tricks. In today’s world, golf has become more of a stress buster rather than a serious sport played mostly by the elderly. Players from various backgrounds get an opportunity to get to know each other and are able to form groups that get together to play regularly and also bond as friends.
These are a few reasons to show you how playing golf can impact your life in a healthy way. Want to know more? Head out to our 9 Hole Mini Golf Course to give it a start. Our regular players consist of not only young enthusiasts, but also children and juniors who have become great fans of the sport. Encouraging the children will help them develop the interest early and also drive them to take it up as a regular hobby and spread the interest of golf.