Adventure for all, at District Gravity

Sometimes a break has to be relaxing, but there are other times that call for a bit of fun and adventure! It is in times such as this that District Gravity – Hyderabad’s best adventure destination comes to the rescue. It is usually a struggle to find common ground where both, the adults and children can enjoy the same activities. The activities at District Gravity come in many shapes and forms and can be customized to different difficulty levels, to suit almost anyone! Some of the stand-out attractions are the 500-meter zipline, India’s tallest rope course (33 activities with varying levels of difficulty), 1.2 km international chicane circuit, the human slingshot, mud run and a fully-equipped arena for basketball, football and cricket (with bowling machines).

Adventure Packages at District Gravity:

Little Champs @ Rs. 599

Add-on: Kid’s buffet @ Rs. 499

  • Water Park
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • Inflatable Park
  • Archery
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Net Cricket
  • Cycling

Commando @ Rs. 999

Add-ons: Splash water park @ Rs. 500. Buffet @ Rs. 499 (kids) Rs. 599 (adults)

  • Rope Course
  • Multi-Activity Tower
  • Human Slingshot
  • Giant Swing
  • Archery
  • Rifle Shooting

Dare Devil @ Rs. 1499

Add-ons: Splash water park @ Rs. 500. Buffet @ Rs. 499 (kids) Rs. 599 (adults)

  • Rope Course
  • Multi-Activity Tower
  • Zipline
  • Human Slingshot
  • Giant Swing
  • Archery
  • Rifle Shooting

Some of our most enjoyable activities are elaborated on below


Zipline- A perfect outdoor recreational adventure where a freely moving pulley is used to slide
down from one end to another on an inclined cable. You get to experience a whole lot when you
choose an activity such as this, a bird’s eye view of the ground location for instance. It is one of
the emerging outdoor sports that has gained immense popularity in the last few years. For the
ultimate adventure, try the 500-meter long cable at District Gravity with the most scenic view
beneath you. Your safety is our priority; hence we make sure you are safely attached to the
rope under the supervision of our expert instructors.


Paintball- It’s a competitive team shooting sport that involves players eliminating the opponents
from the game by shooting them with a dye-filled airgun. If you are in the mood to challenge
your friends or colleagues, this is the best way to settle things. The large battle arena helps
bring out the fighter in you! Come and enjoy the thrill of paintball at an affordable price.

Human Slingshot

Human Slingshot- If you’re the ultimate thrill-seeker, looking for something to get your heart
beating in your throat, this is the perfect activity for you. Unlike bungee jumping that involves
freefall and bouncing back, the human slingshot pushes you horizontally in one direction. At
District Gravity feel the buzz on being flung by a 140 feet propulsion and sway system which will
launch you into a distance and bring you back. Overall the experience lasts up to two-three
minutes, depending on the velocity.

Ball Sports

Ball Sports- Who doesn’t love a good a game of basketball or lawn tennis? At District Gravity
we have a tarmac court that can be used for various ball sports and we also have nets and
bowling machines for cricket enthusiasts. You can spend a good few hours playing your
favourite ball sport with your family, friends or colleagues. It’s perfect for corporate team outings,
family holidays, or any other gathering of friends & family.
There is no age, gender boundary to have a good time here. Our team of experts will also tailor
packages as per your requirements.